Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sticky Situation

The topic of this project was sticky situation and the medium was paint. I decided to paint a snake and use the acrylic paint medium. I chose to paint a snake (rattlesnake) is because encountering a rattlesnake, especially when it's camofluaged against the dead leaves, isn't something that you would want to happen so it's a sticky situation.

When doing this project, I gained more experience with paint. I haven't used paint in a long time so this project really helped me to gain more skill and learn more techniques. It was a fun experience and learning new skills and techniques really helped in finishing this project.

When doing this project, I ran into a couple challenges. One of them, though not very serious, was trying to get the right shade when mixing colors. Since I used a variety of browns for this painting, it was hard matching the shade each time. I also had problems getting the shape of the snake right. Because it's coiled around the entire canvas, it was really hard to get it exactly right.

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