Art 1 Final Portfolio

     1. My most successful and favorite project was the clay tile.  I liked the clay tile because I was able to use clay, which is one of my favorite materials to create art with.  I also liked how the animal I chose, a whale, looked in 3D with its back emerging out of the water.  Another reason why I liked my clay tile is the colors.  I liked how the grey whale and the blue ocean looked together because it looked unique and pretty.  I also liked my tile because the project was interesting.  I liked how I got to use clay to make a 3D animal.   The clay tile project was one of my favorites because I had a lot of fun working with the clay.
     2. My print drawing was the project that I grew most on.  I think that I grew most on the print because of the drawing.  I think that my drawing skills are very visible in this project.  I also got better at used a gauge-like tool to crate my print.  I also think that I grew most on this project because of the animal.  I used to not be very good at drawing animals like lions, but in this picture, the animal drawing is actually very good.  I also think I grew on this project because of how the negative/positive space fit with each other.  They fit together because it is pretty balanced and there isn't more of one than the other.  I also think I grew as an artist during this project because of how detailed the piece is.
     3. My stencil drawing was the project that I used previous skills from other projects on.  To create my stencil of Big Ben, I went onto photoshop and transformed the picture so that it was black and white.  I then traced the drawing on a piece of poster board and started cutting with an exacto-knife.  One skill I used that was used in a previous project was the use of pos./neg. space.  I used the pos./neg. space to determine what areas of my Big Ben stencil to remove/cut out.  The positive space ended up being what I didn't cut out and the negative space ended up being what I did cut out.  Another skill I used was proportions.  I used proportions to determine how much of what area to remove from my stencil.
     4. The project I felt was the least important was the game drawings.  I thought that the game drawing was an unimportant piece because it didn't really teach me a lot.  I also think that I didn't really learn any drawing skills.  I already knew how to draw in perspective, so the project wasn't really helping with my artwork.  I also felt that it was more of a challenge to draw the games and their pieces and that we should have chosen something simpler to draw for our final project.  I felt that we didn't have enough practice.  There was a lot of practice, but I didn't feel like there was enough; maybe one more activity before we started our final project.  I also felt that learning one point perspective and then moving on to two point perspective was a hassle.
    5. My anamorphosis drawing was the piece of artwork that reflects me as an artist.  I think that it most reflects me because it shows something I like within a drawing.  One of my favorite things is shoes so it was fun to be able to draw one.  I also liked the concept of the anamorphosis drawing.  As an artist, I like to try new things and the anamorphosis drawing sounded like it would be a lot of fun.  Another reason I think that this piece reflects me as an artist is the colors I used.  The colors reflect me as an artist because I mainly use the colors I used in this piece to draw and color.  I also believe that this piece of artwork reflects me as an artist because I had a lot of fun drawing it and I like to have fun while making art.

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