Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mixed Media

For this project, we were to choose a topic and use different mediums to create a mixed media project. The topic I chose was hope. I used a bunch of article headers and created flowers out of different patterned paper to make the project stand out. The use of different colors helped make the project brighten and more lively. 

While working on the project, I used gel medium to keep everything together. This was the first time I've used it so working with it was difficult at first because nothing would stay down. After a while, the medium became easier to use and a lot of fun to use. It was a good thing to use on this project because it kept everything together and dried clear so it didn't make much of a mess or make the project look bad.  

I chose the topic of hope for this project. I chose this idea because I believe everyone deserves to hope for the best and believe that everything will get better. Hope is something that keeps people going and helps then keep on. I chose specific headlines to go on this project because they all inspire people and help them to believe that things will get better. 

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