Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Up Close & Personal

For this project, I used my dog, Ilsa, as inspiration for this project. I used her for inspiration because she is a dapple dachshund and she has a lot of colors. I also used her because I already had good quality pictures of her and zooming in on them helped with this project because then I was able to see more detail and successful finish this project. I used my unique ideas because I used my pet as a muse for the up close and personal project. 

For this project I used colored pencils as my chosen medium. I liked the colored pencils because they worked better for me than oil or chalk pastels. I also used colored pencils because they moved smoothly and were much easier to handle and were a lot neater. 

When I first started this project, I wasn't sure about the angle I was going to draw my dog in. I usually don't draw anything from this angle so it was new to me. I also was hesitant about the head and muzzle because I usually don't draw dog's heads at and angle and so it was a bit difficult. Looking at the final project, I think that the project turned out well overall. 

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