Art 2 Final Portfolio

The project that I thought was the most successful was the sculpture/vessel project. The goal for this project was to great a vessel using negative space. I think my partner and I reached the goal for this project. To create the lantern, it required a lot of wire and shaping. It also required a lot of small details to get everything right. The use of found material made the project what it is. If we used clay or plaster, the project probably wouldn't have been as good as it is now, and as detailed. Using things such as wire, fake vines and moss, and twigs made the project look more real and natural. Also, adding the ivy onto the wire that connected the top t the base also made it look natural.

The project that I thought was my least successful was the up close and personal project. The subject of this project was to do a close up of something with emphasis. I felt like I wasn't successful on this project because the final product wasn't as good as it could've been. In my opinion, it was too zoomed out and wasn't close enough to call up close and personal. I also don't think the angle that I drew. To make this project better, I would get a more zoomed in picture of my dog and draw that without making any changes to the picture on the paper. I would've worked more on the colors and made them look more natural. I would also make the piece look more textural.

Two pieces that show my growth as an artist are my colored pencil lollipop and my sticky situation piece of a rattlesnake. In my opinion, the difference during the two pieces is obvious. After doing the lollipop, I became more familiar with colored pencils but not by that much. At the time, the piece looked fine but then when I started doing more projects, I realized that it wasn't. The snake on the other hand, I thought was well done. It was much better than previous projects. Using acrylic paint was fun and different. I felt much better using paint than I was with colored pencils and I thought the overall result was much better. To me, painting also felt a lot easier to do than using colored pencils.

The two mini lessons that helped me for a particular project were the two watercolor paintings of fruit that we did and the acrylic mini lesson we did. Both lessons got me familiar with using a brush and paint. The acrylic mini lesson helped me the most because I eventually used acrylic paint for the project. Both of these projects helped a lot for the project because they got me familiar with techniques that I could use for the project. These mini lessons were extremely beneficial and I think that I wouldn't have done a good job on the project without them. If we didn't do these mini lessons then we wouldn't be familiar with the medium and we wouldn't know what we were doing. Both mini lessons were also a fun activity to do. Overall, they were extremely helpful.

My favorite medium to work with was paint. I really like the feeling of working with a brush. I really like being able to paint on canvas and paper. Painting has always been one of my favorite mediums, though I don't paint much. I really enjoyed the sticky situation project because we got to use either watercolor or acrylic paint. The process was really fun and so were all the activities we did leading up to the introduction of the sticky situation project. Both watercolor and acrylic are both fun to work with and the techniques associated with them are also a lot of fun to do because it gives you different options and it helps with texture. Acrylic paint was my favorite to work with because you don't need to add a lot of water to get it different shades and you can easily mix to colors of acrylic paint to create a whole new color. I like it more because you also don't have to layer to get the right colors, you can put one layer on and be done with it or put more than one, whichever works best.

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