Thursday, March 6, 2014

Scientific Project

      For my project I decided to draw a rib cage with the organs that are located in that area, including the lungs. I decided on this idea after a lot of thought because I thought it would be cool to draw a skeleton and I also thought it would be cool to draw organs so I finally decided on combining my two ideas into one. 
      The lessons that we were taught before starting this project were very beneficial because I learned how to gradually change values. I also thought the lessons were beneficial because it taught me how to shade better. 
      In my work I used contrast with the darks and the the lights. I think that the bottom of the rib cage looks the best because of how dark the bottom of the lungs are compared to the lighter darkness of the ribs. For this project I used pen and ink. I chose this medium because I found pen and ink easier to work with. I chose to do stippling on my project because I liked doing it and also it is easier to make larger portions darker. A risk I took while doing this project was using the pen and ink. I find this to be a risk because with pen and ink, it isn't easy to fix a mistake. 
      I liked doing this project because I enjoyed working with pen and ink. I also like the whole scientific idea. Brainstorming for the project was fun, as was actually doing the project.

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