Monday, October 29, 2012

Print Evaluation

1.     Describe the overall composition of your artwork (balance, unity, rhythm and movement).
  •     I think that the overall composition of my artwork turned out good.  I think this because the balance between the pink and the white worked.  I also think this because you can see the image well.
2.     How did you add texture and contrast to your print? Is this important? Why?
  • I added texture in the male lion's mane.  I also added texture in the leaves of the trees.  Texture was also added in the whiskers of the two lions.  I think this is important because then the drawing wont look flat and boring.
3.     Explain how you used positive and negative space to show your image.
  • I used positive space in the lions.  I also used positive space in the trees.  I used negative space in the sky and background and the lines defying the shape/animals.
4.     Describe the craftsmanship of your print. (How good the project is technically crafted)
  • The craftsmanship of my print was good in my opinion.  I thought it was good because there was a good balance between positive and negative space.  I also thought it was good because the animals and shapes and identifiable and because the texture was good.
5.     Were you able to achieve depth by showing a foreground, middle ground and back- ground? Explain.
  • I was able to achieve depth in the foreground with the lions.  I achieved depth in the middle ground with the trees.  The background's depth was achieved with the sky.
6.     Explain your experience with Printmaking. What were the obstacles and advantages?
  • In my experience with printmaking, I came across obstacles.  One of the obstacles I came across was the lines because I didn't know how big to make them.  I also had trouble in decided whether to cut out the black part of the white part.  One of the advantages I had was the shapes because cutting out the lions and the tress was easy.

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