Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chalk Mural

1. Explain your experience working on a team and executing your ideas for the mural.

-I liked working with my team because we came up with a lot of great of ideas for the chalk mural.  We came up with a lot of ideas for this project but narrowed it down to our favorite, which was the large drink.  Each of us put in a lot of work in this project.

2. Explain the importance of collaboration when working on a team.

-Each of us had a pretty big role in creating the mural.  We each had a different object to draw and shade but we also helped each other.  It was important for us to work together so we could get it done.

3.  How successful was this project? Explain how and why.

-I think the mural was successful.  I think it was successful because it looked good when someone tried to interact with them and the colors and proportions were good.  I also thought it was successful because it looked almost exactly like our original design.

4. Explain how you feel about creating artwork that others can interact with. Ex. Involving the whole school? 

-I think that it is really awesome that you can create interactive art.  I also thought it was fun to be able to do this project.  I think that it would be fun to do this again or on my own.

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