Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Anamorphosis Drawing


1. Describe the process you went through to change your object into the correct perspective to create the drawing. This is when you were in the lab.
  • First I found the image on Google Images.  Then I opened it on Photoshop and transformed and scaled it.  Then I drew it in perspective after drawing a grid.  I colored the picture using colored pencils then drew the shadow.  This project was called anamorphasis.

2. How did distorting and stretching the object allow for you to create a drawing that would look different to the viewer?
  • Distorting the value of the sketch helped draw it so it looked 3D when you looked at it at a different angle.

3. What were the most important concepts in the project to make it successful?
  • I think that I was successful in using all the important concepts like transforming, scaling, shading, and distorting the image to make it look good.

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